Sunday 10 November 2013

Things I've Used Up #3

Its been a while since my last things I've used up post, hence the large amount of potion and lotion bottle I have for your lovely viewing. If you fancy taking a peak at my first post here or my second one  here. Some of these things I had half used up and then did the bold thing of bringing out something new and shiny, forgetting to use the other half bottle of goo. 

Shower things first, and its all shower gels and creams. I'm a big fan of taking an extra blob of whatever I'm using and really getting the biggest amount of bubbles on my luffa that will fit. I had two Palmolive Naturals in Delicate Care an Nourishing Delight. I think Palmolive are really under rated and don't get as much good press as they should, being overshadowed by bigger brands. These two were creamy, easy to foam and smelt so so good. A bottle isn't that expensive either so I will be picking another bottle up soon!

I'm not going to rabbit on about my Soap and Glory body wash as I wrote a post on it here, all I'll say is I'm glad its finally gone!

Lastly my Lush Ponche, full of fruity orange and tequila that really wakes you up in the morning without being overpowering. I will be getting the biggest bottle Lush has to offer as its only a limited edition for Christmas and I'm not waiting a whole year to have it back again. Just love it. So. Much. 

 I wont go on about Maybelline mega plus mascara as I talked a lot about it over here. 

I went looking for something that would keep my makeup from sliding down my face while making sure I wasn't traffic light shiny. No7 shine free primer was meant to do that but I must say I wasn't hugely impressed with this. It was shine free but a little hard to apply as it dried quickly so spreading it across your face was an operation in itself. Not something I will be getting again at €16.25 a go!

Lastly I have repurchased both Lush tea tree water toner and L'oreal's 3in1 purifying micellar solution. Both wonderful things that I really can't get enough of. 

I have been meaning to use up this Nivea refreshing cleansing lotion for ages now but just haven't got around to it as its not my most loved one. I'm not going to be getting this again as the L'oreal beside it is my main go to now a days.

 My favourite deodorant, Nivea. A bottle of my favourite body spray, Impulse hint of musk (I just repurchased in my last haul post) and lastly the best dry shampoo every, Batiste. 

Hope everyone is keeping happy and well. Have a fab day x 

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