Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Body Shop Travel Exclusive Review

Major fail here, this post is going up really late because one; the natural light today has been too dark and horrible so photo taking got a back seat and then two; once I tried uploading the wind picked up and played havoc with the internet connection. Clearly I'm just not meant to blog today.

 But anyway I'm ignoring all that and battling on to tell you about this fancy Body Shop travel exclusive that Stephen got for me after he went off to England to see ManU play. This was £20 in the duty free and I can't seem to find a link to it online or the price in euros, but I'm sure you can find something similar in their shops. 

The bath and body box contains mini travel size:
shea lip butter 10ml
shea sugar body scrub 50ml
shea body butter 50ml
moringa shower gel 60ml
rainforest shine shampoo 60ml
rainforest shine conditioner 60ml
and a free bath lily

I've had a good go of all these and can say I'm glad theres set like these to test and try out lots of things without forking out for one full sized product. Lets start off with the hair. The rainforest shine shampoo and conditioner for normal to dry hair has no silicones, sulphates, colourants or parabens. Not too shabby considering I have coloured hair that I have been treating quite poorly recently. After using it for a few washes I've noticed my hair is soft, shiny and smells lovely but the one downfall is that I need to use quite a lot to get a lather in the shampoo. I'd be tempted to get full size bottles of this stuff none the less.

Next is the moringa shower gel. I don't have much to say on this, just that it has a nice sweet/floral scent and gives a good lather but it has no long lasting smell on your skin like some shower gels I've used. Not something I'm going to get again.

 Out of the three jars, I am in love with the shea lip butter. Once I use this all up I'll be going off to get another and maybe try out their other lip products. Its so moisturizing and smells really lovely, just like the body butter. Its thick, creamy and the scent clings to your skin just making you want to smell yourself continuously - which I wouldn't recommend to do in public or company in general. 

Lastly the sugar body scrub, hmm. This has a nice consistency and is easy to apply but the little sugar isn't scrubby enough to properly exfoliate or even make a difference to how clean your skin is. If you wanted just a quick soft scrub or had skin that was easily irritated then this would be great for you. But for me I want something that has big scrubby bits that really gets my skin clean. 

Overall a good 4/6 of the products from the box that I would go and buy after I've finished these ones. The smell of these and how soft they leave me feeling are so winning!

Have you tired anything from The Body Shop? What did you think of them?
As always, hope everyone is doing well and keep being fab!

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