Wednesday 6 November 2013

The Dublin Meet Up #3

I'm sure a lot of you will have seen my first post about the day and my second about the bloggers themselves. This is my last post about the day even if it is super super late - sorry about that! I'm so baffled at the amazing generosity of the sponsors who gave each blogger a goodie bag that was filled with so many lovely things that I have been trying out over the past while. Once I'm happy that I have really tested out the products well I will do a few reviews for all you lovely people! There is already one or two shiny things that I can't get enough of and will be ranting and raving about them. My gran is in love with the Dove soap bars and has robbed them from me, cheeky thing! But after all, sharing is caring.

The Cosmitic Outlet was one of the main sponsors of the day and oh my did the goodie have a some beauts inside! As you can see from the picture below there was a YesTo cleanser, GOSH eyeshadow trio and blue eyeliner, a MaxFactor mascara and a lovely Models Co. foundation. I have full plans of going to visit this place soon to find some great bargains and maybe a few sneaky surprises for Christmas stockings too.

Next up is Derma V10 who kindly gave everyone a massive selection of all their lovely products! Below is a moisturizing face cream, mascara, dry skin cream, lipcare lip balm and a body moisturizer. I know right? The big tub of moisturizer smells edible, just to tell you.  

Two other main sponsors were Niume Skincare who kindly gave us a pretty white bag with some gorgeous skin care gems inside. And the last main sponsor was Peter Mark who gave us a full sized Keratase product, courtesy of Style Club North Earl Street which is about to celebrate 1 year in business! 

Other things that were added to our bags was a Numa Brush which is so lovely and soft,  Baby B Browne full size tan, Orifalme daily boost shield, Antomicals facemask, Wapo and Neals Yard Remedies samples and Dove soap bars that my gran loves. 

Check out Samantha's blog AllTheBuzz, shes the lovely lady who made this day possible and I still can't get over how much work she put into it!

Also a shout out and big thanks to David of davidmcauleyphotography  who took the pictures for the day and kindly let all the bloggers who attended rob them to use on their blogs, with permission of course! He is so down to earth and friendly, not to mention an amazing photographer, Check out some of his amazing work!

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