Monday 18 November 2013

Vaseline V Nivea Roll On's

I'm a big fan of body sprays and deodorants in general, I have loads dotted around my room and the bathroom, not to mention my handbag. But sometimes I like to have a go of something different just to see if its any better. Aerosol sprays can be really overpowering if your in the same room for a while or for me as a asthmatic it can lead to half killing myself at times, lovely stuff!

So with all that in mind I have been trying out a few different roll on deodorants, different brands and different scents. My two favorites out of the lot are the ones pictured here. The Vaseline aloe for sensitive skin is my utter most favorite. My next favorite is the Nivea but only because the Dove that I tried was really awful and I didn't even keep it this long to photograph. 

Nivea is my favourite aerosol, the invisible 48 hour protection one in particular. But the roll on of this is not as good, nor is it an effective one. I notice that I need to reapply it a lot more throughout the day compared with a spray or the Vaseline roll on. The guys over at Nivea were thinking up numbers between 1 to 100 when they say its 48 hour protection. On the plus side the bottle does last a good while and it doesn't leave marks on your clothes. 

Vaseline aloe sensitive is also claiming to be 48 hour protection. It lasts an acceptable amount of time - a lot more then the Nivea, but again not anywhere near 48 hours. However it still works so well, I would 100% switch my aerosols for this roll on any day. It smells good, doesn't stain clothes or sting the skin (even just shaved skin that can be extra sensitive). Another positive is that the bottle is upside down so the liquid doesn't take as long to come out. No one likes standing in the freezing cold first thing in the morning waiting on liquid to slide down the bottle so you can put some on you and freeze a little more!

Overall I love the Vaseline roll on and will be repurchasing it again soon. However I'm not sure about the others, perhaps I am too fussy. If you use roll ons what do you think of them? have you a favourite or a suggestion of one I should try?

On a totally different topic, I just love Autumn so much. As I was taking photos for this post a tree in the garden caught my eye. Isn't the yellow and orange just so gorgeous? This time of year has to be my favourite time as you get to bundle up in heavy scarves, see all the lovely colours that the trees turn and have an excuse for lots of hot drinks!

As always I hope your having a great day. Stay fab x

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