Friday 4 January 2013

Friday Favourites #1

As the country heaves a sigh of relief that its Friday, I suspect that everyone might be in need a good read over the weekend! So here are some of my favourite things, people, places and anything else I find to throw in!

Product: The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser 
This product can do no wrong! I fell in love with it as soon as I got it from my lovely other half  for Christmas  Its from the Soap and Glory range and its food for the skin. I can be super lazy when it comes to taking off my make up and this takes all the hassle away! Squeeze out some of this,  massage it into your face and neck for around a minute, then just wash off with warm water. It even takes off water proof mascara like magic. The smell is amazing too with sweet almond and lavender essential oils. To top it all off every tube comes with a free muslin cloth. Wonderful.

Product: Christmas Eve Bubble Bar by LUSH
I could honestly devote an entire book to Lush products. There are 2 shops in Dublin and before they come into view you get this amazing smell that makes you instantly want to go in! They had an after Christmas sale with 50% off a lot of their stock. Did I grab some amazing things? Oh yes! I will do a haul later in the week. The Christmas eve bubble is a limited edition but it keeps coming back every festive season, hence the name! Its a real treat just before bed. You can get about 3 uses from it, breaking it up into pieces to save for the next bath. It gives the out loads of bubbles and  makes the water a strange greeny colour when the blue and yellow are mixed together. The minute you smell it you relax with jasmine and ylang ylang. I can't wait to get more next year!  

Film: Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You
I watched this during the week and it was really great, it was out in 2011 directed by Roberto Faenza. It follows James Sveck on his last Summer before heading to college. He prefers solitude to socialising and  has some very deep thoughts that we hear through his first person narration. Between his sister dating a man twice her age and her parents who are divorced and getting remarried, his only outlet is the 'life coach' that his parents force him to see. You get to learn about his past and present through these sessions. Its one of those happy ending films that just make you feel good. 

Thing: Yankee Candle in Christmas Cookie
This has to be my all time favourite scent for the past two years. I love sweet smelling candles but its really hard to find one that wont make you feel sick! This is the perfect combination of sweet but not overpowering. I was lucky enough to get 3 for Christmas, Nom! You can pick up all different sized candles, and the great thing is you can get little tester ones to see if its really worth the price - they are kind of expensive! If you shop around you will pick them up cheaper. They last for ages and the glass ones are cute and add a nice touch to any room. These shops are becoming really popular around Dublin, so pop in and have a smell to find your favourite one!

Music: I'll Be There For You Cover by Boyce Avenue
Man I am loving this song so much! Boyce Avenue have done some amazing covers and have some originals too. They are all the way from the USA and they are the most viewed independent band in the world - so their YouTube profile says! Well worth checking theses fellas out.

Clothing: Fluffy Socks
So everyone has been off college and work over Christmas and what better thing to be wearing around the house then fluffy socks?! You can nab a pack of 2 over under a fiver in Pennys (or Primark for those lovely people reading in the UK) Now that is a comfy bargain.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and that you check out some of the things above. Have you tried any of the products? 

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