Thursday 31 January 2013

Highland Aromatics: Coorie-in Basket Set

 Well hello! My week has not been going to plan as far as my posts and Valentines day posts go, so I thought I would post this review to give you all something nice to read! I hope that later today or tomorrow things will be back on track. Until then, fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

The basket, body butter, soap and bath bomb.
I was oh so excited to receive this because it was a name I had never heard before and I love trying out new things. The packaging alone was so cute and rustic looking. I am a sucker for packaging, especially if you can reuse it. The contents of the basket smelt lovely with a small, sweet smelling bath bomb, small soap and mini body butter. They looked amazing wrapped separately in little pieces of tissue paper. It had beautiful font on the bottle, along with the delicate matching tags. 

I researched the Highland Aromatics only to find that their website is a bit all over the place. A lot of links and tabs lead to nothing at all, with only half their products on the site. I found quite a lot of things produced by them on but because it wasn't the main site it didn't give a proper list of ingredients or information. Also, if you are thinking of buying something of theirs from amazon be aware that the picture is bigger then the product, as many people in the comments were angry about it. What I do know is that they are a family run business for 35 years who are best known for their soaps. Much of the Scottish highland inspires these products and they are environmentally friendly. 

The little bath bomb sunk to the bottom of the bath and disintegrated  into a white pile. To my horror it expelled little bits of lavender and what looked like twigs. before I got in I had to mix the water up to distribute the left over bath bomb which didn't colour the water or give out a smell. I sat in a bath full of plain water while twigs and pieces of foliage floated by. I got out early only to spend five minutes picking bits of the floating matter off me. I was not impressed at all and the bath was very hard to clean afterwards with the bits clogging the drain and sticking to the bath sides.

My bath water. There were bits EVERYWHERE!
I tried the body butter hoping that it would make me forget about the bath incident but it only softened the blow slightly - no pun intended! It wasn't what I was hoping for at all, being thick and hard to make sink into my skin. I had to stand like the statue of Jesus in Rio for ages and flap my arms about to try help dry off. I did notice once it dried in that the smell was really rich with earthy type undertones. It wasn't over powering and the smell stays on for hours after, something more high end products don't always do. 

Beautifully packaged and presented bath bomb.
Lastly there was the little soap. It smells like the body butter and is so moisturising. It left my hands soft and lovely. If I was to go buying it all over again it would be nearly worth it for the soap!

Overall I was very disappointed as I had high hopes for it. However, after looking at their other products I might try again and pick up something else. Maybe their shower gels and other soaps are the things to rave about. 

Have you ever tried Highland Aromatics?


  1. the packaging of these look really pretty and play the part. But shame they arent as good as you think!

    Pipp xx

    1. Oh well, at least I think I have found a new love with their soaps! So amazing and they come in cute packaging too :)