Sunday 6 January 2013

Recycling And Reusing Christmas Cards

Hello everyone! Today is the 6th of January, which means for a lot of people in Ireland its finally the day to take down all your decorations and the tree until next year. There are so many people (myself included) who are superstitious and wont take anything down until today for fear of bad luck. Over Christmas there is so much waste. Food, wrapping paper, boxes, batteries. You name it, its fecked into the bin. Who spends more time then their willing to admit fishing things out of the wrong bin to put in the right one? Right, just me then it seems!
 I love cards of all kinds and tend to keep them. But the cards that are from your neighbour or your far away, only-ever-saw-her-once-when-I-was-little aunt might not be as special to you. So cut them up. The pictures are all beautiful.

Heres a really simple idea I found on YouTube for making a 'card wreath' that means saving money, recycling and well, showing off to anyone who asks where you bought it!

Another fancy idea is to make ornaments for your tree or maybe to hang from the ceiling.

  • You can make a big one using 20 circles or a smaller one using 10. Just make sure the one you pick is all the same size.
  • Use the top of a glass or the bottom of a body spray bottle depending on what size you like. 
  • After you cut them out cut out another circle the same size but from cardboard (a cereal box would be handy!) and draw equilateral triangle. Cut this out and draw it onto the insides of your 10 or 20 cards. Then fold along the lines.
  • Now, you can use glue for the next bit, but I always like to use a stapler because there is no fear of pieces coming apart. Join one flap each from two circles, points should be touching the edge of the circle. Doing the same thing, join the flaps of three more to these two. And thats the top done. 
  • Glue or staple the left over circles together in an up and down way, alternating the tringlae points. 
  • Lastly, after all that is glued or stapled together make a small hole in the top and hang thread from it.

Young or old I hope you have fun doing these! 


  1. I use spam i get in the mail for wrapping paper, maybe it's not an post-xmas tip, but it's still saves a few bob.

    Only for family presents though, i think some people might get insulted by a supervalu-special-deals-wrapped-present

    1. Wow thats really cool! I might be robbing that idea for some future present wrapping myself. My granddad always used old newspapers and twine to wrap things.

      And people getting insulted when presents are being handed out? Nah! :)