Wednesday 23 January 2013

Things I Don't Like

In a very random order and post, I want to list out some of the things I hate. I like lists, sharing thoughts with people and reading other peoples pet peeves as I can relate to a lot of them. So here we go:

Eating with your mouth open:
Oh sweet lord I think this is one of my top most hated things ever. Ever. Ever. I can't begin to explain how much I hate hearing and seeing people do this. I automatically think of the mothers all across Ireland say in unison ''has she/he no manners at all? Their mother must be ashamed.'' If I wanted to know what you were eating I would ask after you finished. My skin is crawling thinking about it.

The word 'moist':
I don't really know why this bugs me. It always gives me a shiver down my spine and makes me think the person who uses it is a bit dirty. Like mould or an old pair of wet runners. Too much Fifty Shades of Grey talk last summer I think.

Wet and mucky shoe laces: 
You know when you have about 10 bags, are late for the bus, weaving through people all over the street, trying to keep your hood/umbrella up and all while talking on your phone and trying to either not kill yourself crossing the road or knock into someone? You get home and realise your shoe lace is undone. And its wet, and mucky from the rain and road? Ewww! I can never look at them in the same way.

The smell of cold soup:
I cannot understand anyone who eats lukewarm or cold soup. The smell nearly makes me sick. Yet when the soup is boiling hot I will be first to dig in with a nice cracker or piece of bread. Go figure.

People who are rude:
I was brought up to the constant chatter of mothers and fathers alike: 'mind your manners' and of course the classic 'manners don't cost a thing'. And I will rarely agree with mine, but on this they are right. A simple thank you, excuse me or sorry is all I ask for on a bus, in the street or shop. Please do not barge past me in a manner which can only be described as unbelievable. Kindly refrain from knocking your bags into me on an otherwise empty street. And try, oh please try to be polite to one another.  

Finding a stain on your clothes:
The amount of times I go to leave the house with a freshly washed top/pair of jeans/hoodie and I see a mark on it. Not a faint one either but a great big white tooth paste stain or a black eye liner mark. And of course lets not forget the tomato sauce or butter smudge. Just. Why?

Cold feet:
I am always cold and have seemingly no blood circulation. But the worst thing is cold feet. It feels like your walking on two ice blocks and I can never get them warm for the rest of the day once they are cold. Cold feet cramp dances around the room at half three at night? Why yes I do partake, thank you for asking.

Psychics and spiritualists:
You will loose all respect from me if you believe in psychics and spiritualists. It is painful when people open a magazine to read their horoscopes and ask what your star sign is. Angels belong on top of Christmas trees not on a deck of cards that you play with. When I was little I was safe in the knowledge that all adults were of sound mind and knew fairy stories from reality. As I got older I became more worried and alarmed by People like 'Psychic Sally' and Derek Acorah. And the people who choose to believe them scare me more. I now know there are thousands of people playing skipping with the line that divides the sane and insane.

Forgetting what your doing:
Anyone ever go to the kitchen only to ask why your there? Read a text and say you'll reply in a second? Put down a book and tell yourself to remember the page number. Leave the oven on too long and burn the food because you got distracted looking for the cup of tea you left down while trying to remember if it was today or tomorrow you were meant to meet your sisters, friends aunt to return the book your currently looking for. Whats that burning smell?... Umhumm. My life, right there. 

Breaking a nail:
No I am not as shallow as the title leads you to believe. I mean it in the 'OH my SWEET JESUS that HURTS LIKE...!!!' way. When you catch it off the side of your jumper or your hair. The throbbing pain is felt for ages and the feeling of your nail having been bent back or forth before it breaks makes my skin break out in goose bumps. Or rag nails, now thats an entirely different post. 

Embarrassing posts on social networking sites:
Just last night I was witness to a cringe worthy Facebook post on my news feed with barely covered sexual innuendos and jokes about some poor girl a guy is seeing. And what really did it? The overly used wink smiley faces and x's. There should be a limit to how many you can use a day, exceed this limit and the computer shuts down as a punishment for 24 hours. We have all done it, but please, does the entire world have to see you tweeting sonnets for your third new girl/boyfriend of the week?

People acting like arses:
Meaning they are normal nice people who have taken it upon themselves to act like an eejit by pretending to be someone they are not. My personal pet hate are people who pretend to know more then they do. Do not carry an enormous book about and tell me you have read all of Dickens and are now onto the 18th century legal system which is truly fascinating. 'But I'm sure you haven't read it?' The look of horror as you calmly say yes to whatever they are spouting on about and say its a hidden passion of yours is worth keeping a camera handy for.

The bed dilemma:
Its freezing out so three blankets go on the bed and the same in hot water bottles. Then its too warm so out sticks a foot. Its cold, back in the foot goes. Then its too warm again, two blankets off. Still warm, one hot water bottle is shoved to the bottom of the bed away from your feet. No its colder then you thought, move down the bed and put your feet on the hot water bottle you just moved. Ah, burning skin, move second hot water bottle away from your side. Now your upper body is cold and your feet are too warm and starting to ever so slightly cook.. This goes on and on and on. 

I hope you are all happy today and have enjoyed the little things in life that drive me crazy!

 What are some of your 'things I don't like'?


  1. psychics are real man. I thought I was one for a while

    1. Thank you for your input! However I have my own thoughts above.