Wednesday 2 January 2013

Small Acts Of Kindness

I know that life is great most of the time, but when your having that one awful day it can seem like the entire world is conspiring against you to ruin any happiness you might be hanging onto for dear life. Today was that kind of day for me.

 I left the house without an umbrella and it started to rain. I blindly squinted at passing buses as I had lost my glasses and nearly got run down when I waved frantically at my bus as it was whizzing by. I bumped into the one person on earth I was trying to avoid (we all have that one person) Forgot my shopping list and wondered round Tesco like a headless chicken, leaving with only half of what I was meant to buy along with some pointless things - who has an impulse buy of asparagus?! In fairness it was on sale, but still.. Finally as I gathered up my shopping off of the ground (the bag broke, of COURSE the bag broke) and went towards the bus stop I told myself that nothing else could happen as I was headed for home. Don't you just hate when you jinx yourself?  

I got on the bus and it pulled away, leaving my milk sitting on the side of the road. I cursed and the driver saw what I was looking at, stopped the bus as it was only a little way up the street and let me off to go and grab it. I have never, ever been so happy or enthusiastic over a carton of milk as I was when I got back on that bus. I really couldn't thank the driver enough and I offered him one of the many candy canes I have floating around my enormous handbag.

The Dublin Bus driver of the quarter past 9 bus tonight, thank you so very very much for making my day and letting me retrieve my milk. The neighbours cat will also be thanking you later.

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