Tuesday 22 January 2013

Review: Oh So White Bath Bomb

 Well hello there lovely readers! I have a very exciting review for you, the Lush kind!  I am only able to start doing reviews on these things as there is quite a bit to test out! I got two lovely gift sets from friends for Christmas and also went to their sales to grab some really amazing bargains. Keep an eye out next Christmas as they do an Stephens Day 50% off on most of their stock. 

 This lovely Oh So White bath bomb that is a limited edition Christmas one, so you wont be able to go running to your nearest shop to try it out. However I do think there are quite a few places online that you can still nab one. Try the American Lush site, as I know the UK one isn't stocking them anymore. Ebay might be worth a glance too. 

This bath bomb was reinvented from previous years with a pink surprise inside it. You can fill your bath with warm water and then like a real snow ball, throw the bath bomb against the side of the bath. The white outter shell is thin and will break easily to reveal the pink, fluffy bubble bar mixture fun inside! 

Its something cool to add to your bath time experience thats made with neroli, rose sent and bergamont. You can really smell the rose and hints of something sweet but soft. You get into some really moisturising water but if your a bubbles person you will come away disappointed as the white and pink bubbles that were there while the bath bomb was fizzing away will have disappeared. 

This is one of the less attractive and plainer bath bombs that Lush have, along  with the fact that there are no bubbles is always a bit of a let down. But if you are all about feeling soft and silky after then this guy is for you. For around €4.50 you can get a little fun, lovely smells and pink swirls.

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