Friday 25 January 2013

Friday Favourites #4

Would you look at that, I'm now nearly blogging a whole month! My oh my, doesn't time fly when you are having fun? I have now Facebook and Instagram to go with it too and hoping to one day enter the world of twitter - but not brave enough yet!

In the next week I will be doing a few blog posts for Valentines day. Yes I know its still January but you have to be prepared! And if you are buying something online it is best to get it ordered as early as you can. Now, let us get on to my favourite things this week!
Mmm, looks good. One please!

Drink: Tesco's Peach Sparkling Water
For just 83 cent you get the best drink on earth that has, would you believe only 9 calories! Nom, I have only just found the Tesco own brand drink but I want to go buy a box full! It is really refreshing and I love how the peach isn't an overpowering taste like some fruit drinks can be. It also has the added benefit of being better for you then coke or other fizzy drinks, yay!

Product: Carmex Soothing Lip Balm
This week my lips have been needing a little TLC because I have a cold. This lip balm is my go to at the moment as they are sore, dry and chapped. I love the original  which has menthol and camphor that has cooling pain relief. Word of warning, avoid the little tubs as its hard to get the product out! 

Film: Django Unchained
Stephen and myself went to see this during the week. It was so good and parts had the whole cinema laughing but it was very sad too as it depicted black slavery and the journey for Django to find his slave wife. I do not take well to anything even slightly upsetting or violent and this was both, ha! Stephen actually wrote up a really good review on it over here which will explain it a lot better then I can! 'It was sad' was all I could say after! Also, a cheeky Instagram photo to the side there showing our tickets. Not too bad considering I couldn't use the app for ages! Sigh, me and new things never work. I break them, this is why I can't have nice things!

Book: The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year
I have just finished this book and I was delighted by how good it was. I had it on my wish list on amazon (I have a kindle) for ages hoping the price would come down but then Stephens mum lent it to me, Yay! Sue Townsend has written a thought provoking book in a strange way and had me laughing out loud on long rides home. Not something to read if your not a fan of people staring at you mind! If you come across it do read the back and see if its one you can love too. I'll have a review up soon!

This site has some fun things on it but this one post had me taking down notes and committing it to memory! Its 50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World. I did not know paper clips had so many uses! And the how to light a candle without burning yourself is something I am now very glad to know about. I will totally be trying the brownie in a mug too, it looks too good not to!

Game: Plants vs. Zombies
This is an app for phones and you can also play it online. I am loving it right now and it can get addictive! The game is set in your back yard with the zombies starting to arrive over your back fence and slowly making their way to your house. If they enter your house your well, dead. So the aim of the game is to kill them by using different plants which you can get once the sunflowers you plant produce enough sunlight. This game has won over 30 game of the year awards and I can see why. You can check it out on a cool site over here. 

Have a happy Friday everyone and a fab weekend! I'd love to know if you try any of these things or already know and love them.

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