Monday 21 January 2013

Review: Dove/Nivea Deodorants

Hello loveies! For me, finding the right deodorant can be a pain and there are loads of questions floating through my mind when looking at the massive selection in the shops. So here are some that I have been using the past few weeks to answer some of those thoughts!

L-R: Dove 'gofresh', Dove 'natural touch',
 Dove 'invisible dry', 
Dove 'gofresh', Nivea 'sensitive & pure'.
I'm a big fan of Dove, as you can see! All these deodorants claim to have 48 hour protection, but I'm not sure if thats the case. Perhaps 6 to 12 hour, depending on what you get up to. They are also all around €4 or €5, depending on where you pick them up. They say on their bottles that they are ''unique with a 1/4 moisturising cream and vitamin E thats proven to improve the look an feel of underarm skin.''

 The 'invisible dry' has to be my favourite purely because it does what it says! When your rushing in the morning, you don't have time to wait for your deodorant to dry and you end up getting white marks all over your clothes. With this that simply doesn't happen. Magic.

Next there is the two 'gofresh' scents in pomegranate & lemon verbena and grapefruit & lemongrass. Both really do have a 'fresh' scent, but I have to say I am not overly excited about them. If you like that burst of freshness that wakes you up then they are for you. However I find that some cleaning products I use in the bathroom kind of smell slightly similar and its off putting. If I was picking one to buy again it would be the sweeter smelling pomegranate & lemon verbena one for sure. 

The last Dove is the biggest let down. Its the new 'natural touch dead sea minerals'. It sounded fancy and something soft and lovely for my underarms but all it does it cause a mess. Dare to spray it for more then 2 seconds and you have lumps of caked deodorant falling off your skin and ruining any clothes you put on. It doesn't work trying less, letting it dry or even holding it further from you. Nope, it just doesn't work for me. Below, you'll see I've sprayed the same amount of all the deodorants on a black top to try and show you what I mean. The photo is being kind to the 'natural touch' Dove here, but you get the idea. Its redeeming features would be how nice it smells and that if you don't mind it falling all over the place and staining your clothes as you go, it does give a nice soft feel to your skin, more then the other Doves I've tried. I doubt I'll ever be purchasing this again though.

On the left Dove 'natural touch dead sea minerals' 
 is the only deodorant to stain my top.

Last but not least is the Nivea 'sensitive & pure'. This says 'new' on the lid, but I think it's been out quite a while. I love this one with its girly sweet scent that seems to last a little longer then any of the Dove range. I'm a regular buyer of Nivea's 'invisible black and white clear', which is similar to Doves 'invisible dry'. I've  just finished Nivea's 'pearl and beauty' too, which smells almost sickeningly sweet, but has a longer lasting smell.

I hope this has helped you all a little. Until next time, stay smelling good!

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  1. What is the price of each Nivea body deodorant? are the aluminum free like other brands claim.