Monday 18 February 2013

Collection (2000) Fix Me Up

A few weeks ago I got the Collection (2000) Fix Me Up long lasting make-up fixer and featured it in my Friday Favourites #5 post. I had it on my wish list for ages after reading the mixed reviews it got online, I wanted to try it for myself. However at nearly €10 I was not prepared to fork out, but after seeing it on offer in Boots I thought it would be worth picking up.

To start with I loved it, but then again don't you always have a slight love affair with any new product while its got fresh packaging and looks all shiny? I know I do. But like every whirl wind romance, things can only last so long and the cracks began to show pretty quick. It claims to be a 'weightless mist that adds radiance and keeps make-up in place for longer.' Eh, no. No it doesn't.

 I am so glad that I didn't pay full price for this product because I would be so annoyed with myself for wasting money on such a disappointing item.The first thing I noticed was that the bottle itself is quite small and is not full at only 18ml's. (I'm one of these people who will pick a product at the back of the shelf and shake a few to compare how much is in each. Have to get the moneys worth you know!) After you apply your make up, let everything dry. You then hold the bottle away from your face and using the pump/spray top function, spray onto your face 3 or 4 times to get full coverage. Personally I think the coverage you get from one squirt of this isn't wide enough at all. My face is properly wet if I apply this so there is full coverage. Well thats not good, no one likes a wet face after spending 15 minutes carefully applying make up. 

The 'mist' has a very strong sweet sent and always drys poorly onto my face giving a dewy/shine look to my skin. I always end up using finishing powder to try and cover it. Apart from soaking your face, making you look ubber shiny and having to fix yourself up a second time, the product itself doesn't do what it claims to in the first place; keep your make up in place. I don't normally touch up my make up for about 7 to 8 hours after I've applied it but with the Fix Me Up spray I was touching up sooner. I think the extra layer of moisture and almost grease (ugh, right?) made my make up wear quicker and I was reaching for my make up bag after only 5 hours. Also, a word of warning, make sure you let your liquid eyeliner dry for at least 10 minutes before applying this or you will have panda eyes like I managed to achieve one day. 

A big thumbs down to Collection (2000) make up fixer spray. I wont be repurchasing this again and its one of my most disappointing products of 2013 to date.

An idea of how small it is.

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