Thursday 21 February 2013

My Night Time Skin Care Routine

Most nights when I'm not being super lazy using my Soap and Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser that I did a review of  over here, I have my night time routine of taking off all my make up and giving myself a little pamper before I go to bed. I keep all my things in a Lush valentines box that Stephen got me last year, it was too pretty and useful to throw out! 

 First off I cleanse with Nivea's Refreshing Cleansing Lotion for normal and combination skin. Its enriched with lotus extracts and vitamins that makes you feel good about putting on your face and smells nice too. Its thick and takes off make up no problem. It can sting my eye area a little which is off putting but overall it does the job fine. I also just finished Nivea's Pure and Natural Cleansing Lotion from their Pure and Natural range which was a little softer on the skin and around my eyes. I think I'll be picking that up again after I've finished my bottle of refreshing cleansing lotion.

Next I use Boots Vitamin E Toner for all skin types. I picked this up months ago as it was quite cheap and I needed a toner. I'm not a fan of toners in general so I guess I'm biasit when I say I wasn't a fan of it. It has a alcohol sting feeling to it and I don't think I will be getting it again, I'll go looking for a softer to the skin one.

After all my make up is off I use either Germolene Cream or more recently Soap and Glorys Dr Spot. Germolene is an antiseptic cream with local aesthetic that you would normally keep in your first aid kit! But its also great for putting on spots and helps reduce big break outs after one nights use while calming the red areas and making them feel less sore and throbbing. The Dr Spot is a new addition that I picked up a little over a week ago. I'll do a proper review once I have used it more and seen the results.  

Latly I use my little sample of No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum. I've only just started to use this so I have't any major thoughts on it yet. I'll post an updated review once I use it more. For my lips I throw on some of Boots own brand Lipsalve in strawberry and Johnsons Body Care 24Hour Moisture Radiance Hand Cream with shea and cocoa butter. These are both so lovely to use and smell great. My lips feel more moisturised in the morning and my hands feel softer - sometimes I put some hand cream on my elbows too to try soften them a bit, they are really rough and dry most of the time. 
If I'm having a no make up day I'll use Derma V10 Tea Tree Cleaning Wipes that you can pick up in Tesco for €1, bargain of the year! And ICare Eye Make Up Remover Pads from Pennys are also good if I just have a little eyeliner or eye shadow on. (Anyone notice how bad and lazy I can be about taking off my make up? Shocking!)

So that is everything I use right before bed and it all seems to do the trick! I will put up those reviews once I have used the products more to get a proper idea of what they do or don't do. Hope everyone enjoyed this and are as always, having a fab day! I will catch up with you guys tomorrow for my Friday Favourites post :)

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