Thursday 14 February 2013

Review: Rimmel Apocalips

'Big Bang' and a little swatch of it.

The blogger and vlogger world have been crazy for Rimmel's new Apocalips ever since they were released late last month. Since then every girl has been running to the nearest shop to try out these lip glosses and I can see why they are causing a stir. I gave in and swatched a few the other evening in Boots only to come away with 'Big Bang' a fab red colour.

Oh wow, these lip glosses are highly pigmented, creamy, opaque and in a range of 8 amazing colours that have a lasting power thats unreal. Also the applicator wand has a slight indent? hole? in it to catch product, which means you will only need one dip into the tube for full coverage. I love the packaging and how it didn't dry my lips out - this is a each to their own thing, as many reviewers have mixed feelings. I put on some lip balm before applying this gloss, could have something to do with it.

I put this on in the early evening, had dinner, drinks and even a sneaky kiss. Then a bath with the room full of steam. Some of it did naturally come off during the night but overall the red colour stayed. It didn't bleed like I thought it would in the heat of the bathroom and the colour was still as clear to see as when I first put it on. I am very impressed to say the least and know I will be back to Boots to get another one or two shades. Rimmel seem to be able to do no wrong lately, keep it up please guys!

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