Tuesday 12 February 2013

Dressing For The Grammys

Ok so lets start with the boobs, as they are not shy and I had the exact reaction Ellen Degeneres seemed to have when I saw Kay Perry. The colour of the full length dress is an amazing blue/green and the detail around the neck line is really to die for, but the Elie Saab gown is missing a whole lot of fabric in the chest department. Katy made quite the statement and raised a few eyebrows too. Its a big leap in the mature direction to what she normally wears, but of course Katy had to make heads turn. I have a feeling her spilt from ex husband Russell Brand might have something to do with it. None the less, if you got it, flaunt it girl! However I love that the focus is totally on her dress with a middle hair parting left loose around her shoulders, no over the top make up or jewellery. Fab, even if a bit boobie.

Another green dress caught my eye and for all the wrong reasons. Florence Welch had this dress custom designed by French label Giveenchy but seemed to look like something out of Jurassic Park. Dark, shiny, figure hugging, floor length green and covered in odd lumps/scales? No, I don't think so. Florence is no stranger to wearing stand out pieces that get criticism from time to time but come on, leave the fancy dress at home, you were at the Grammys! Apart from the obvious fashion police that carted her off after the photo was taken, I did like her natural and minimalistic make up look. And of course her lovely red hair was up to give everyone a better look at the eh, dresses extra 'features' on her shoulders. 

Yes, this is Cher. People either love her or hate her but I tend to be on the fence. Leaving bad music and poor acting on XFactor aside, wow. Would you look at her? Doing everything right in this elegant black sequins dress with very hollywood style curls, not the usual crazy hair do in sight!  And she left the heavy make up at home it seems, opting for a lovely natural porcelain finish with only her eyes and lips getting a quick look in. Cute studs in and ready to go. The girl has definitely shown she can turn into a woman in no time. 

How I love Kat Dennings. If I could be anyone I would be her, well maybe her character from Two Broke Girls but I'm not fussy. So what is an amazingly beautiful woman like Ms Dennings doing in that dress I swore I saw in a bargain bin from Pennys? Pennys is great by the way, but the dress does not scream Grammy material. It does nothing for her figure and it has to be caught somehow on her chest, don't dare tell me thats part of the design. This cosmo print fake snake skin effect is something that should have never been made let alone worn. It offends my eyes to an extreme. 

I am a huge fan of Adele, but I just can't love her dress. Or can I? I don't know if I should be commenting on the fact that I thought she was wearing carpet of sorts or that she looks beautiful anyway. Scary granny carpet dress aside, her make up and hair was stunning as always  Maybe I will just leave it at that. Oh and rock on her for having a go at that idiot Chris Brown.

Mr Timberlake, a fine fellow by all counts but what was going on with his feet? No, back home to full black shoes and black socks please and thank you! Not even a wealthy, attractive singer/actor like him could make it up to me if he turned out with white socks. No sir. 

Actress Alicia Arden, Niki Minaj and US musician D'manti 
And finally, I can't even talk about this lot. Arden needs to give back the child's guitar bag she obviously robbed, Niki is running for the new Pope it seems and D'manti... Someone tell the poor woman she went out without clothes on again!

Sorry for such a picture heavy post, but some things had to be seen and dealt with! Overall a very interesting and fun 2013 Grammys! There were some amazing fashion pieces and then some.. Well you know. I'm so glad its all done now and I will just about be over the shock in time for the next one! 
P.S. Rianna was rocking that red dress too wasn't she? 

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