Friday 8 February 2013

Friday Favourites #6

Wish this happened every time I took out a tissue!
Anyone else think that the past week or so has had mad weather? Its been snowing, the sun was out and now its back to wet and windy. No wonder I have myself a cold, all this rain jacket, t-shirt, snow boots business. Oh well, maybe the sun will win and we will have a 25 degree week... Or at least I'm wishing.  I've a cold so this week has been spent mostly moping round the house!

TV Series: Lie To Me
I've been spending far too much time surrounded by tissues and panadol in bed, so what better way to pass the time then get addicted to an old favourite tv show? Netflix will be the undoing of me as it has all the seasons of Lie To Me. Its creepy at times but I love the American crime drama that ran from 2009 until 2011.

Book: Cook Books
Last Saturday I had a bit of a dinner party in memory of my dad. I made mostly vegetarian dishes as one of my friends is a veggie only girl. I had a mini break down in the kitchen but produced, with the help of my cook books a veggie lasagna, roasted tomatoes and mozzarella in peppers, cheese cauliflower and a chicken pie for the meat lovers all together with a desert of my 'signature' cheese cakes. Stephen made a to-die-for devils chocolate cake and there was much eating and laughing involved. A really special night, even if the preparations were mental! I love all my books.

Blog: Overdressed and Unprepared
This blog is a great read for beauty junkies like me, and even the name overdressed and unprepared is funny and reliable. Debra, who is the author is from Northern Ireland and writes a variety of great topics. I especially love her tags and product reviews. My only 'problem' with her blog is that she posts monthly reviews of different magazines which I read and then have to go buy! Go check her blog out over here for a fab read.

Drink: Coffee, Coffee And!... Coffee

So eh, I drink coffee as you can see (!) and like lots of types, but nescafe has to be my favourite brand. I have recently fallen in love with their jars of espresso which is lovely and strong. But on my weekly food shop I noticed nescafes new gold crema and had to try it out because it was on offer for €5.50 and I needed a new jar. Oh my, this is rich and kind of creamier then the regular kind. If boasts to be 'smooth and silky' and well, I'll have to agree with them there. 

Things: When your sick
Some of my essentials that I reach for when I'm feeling poorly have to be vicks vaporub to help me breath, natural honey and lemon to ease the pain in my throat and vaseline for chapped lips and for around my sore red nose. Not the prettiest sight but they all get the job done!

Site: PicMonkey
So I'm last to the party here, but I'm sure you have all noticed my improved layout of pictures in my recent posts. I am in love with this site, its easy enough to use and theres loads to play around with. Hold the phone, I'm getting all fancy! Go have a look over here, its free to use.

Thats all for this week, I will have no 'I'm sick' related Friday Favourites next week, promise! Have a great weekend everyone and relax lots :)  

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