Wednesday 6 February 2013

Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Marilyn Monroe, such a beautiful woman.
There isn't a girl (or guy) I know that finds any day that requires present buying an easy task! I always pull my hair out panicing over what I can get Stephen. He likes play station games and crisps. The first I know nothing about unless its Skyrim) and the second is not really an amazing gift to receive! So here are a few ideas for you all. Fingers crossed your guy has loads of interests and hobbies!

Find his favourite scent: Guys like to smell just as good as the next person, so why not have a snoop through his bathroom or ask family what he likes to wear. There is a huge selection in in the perfume shop and also in Boots. Calvin Klein CK One is currently £22.60 (about €26) for a 100ml bottle in the Boots sale- a real steal considering its the same price for only a 50ml bottle from the Perfume Shop. Or if thats not easy to decide on, there is always the Lacoste's Eau de Lacoste collection thats about €50 each. My favourite at the moment is Diesel - Only The Brave thats about €60 in Boots and you get a free gift with it too. I got Stephen the gift set for Christmas and he loves it.

Do it his way: You know he is expecting you to suggest some really bad rom-com that you are dying to see and rented/bought it especially for the night. Why not surprise him by watching something he'll love instead. An action or maybe just a good Star Wars marathon? (just not football, oh god anything but that!) I have recently signed up to NextFlix and its something I would recommend as you get a one month free trial and then its only €6.99 per month after.

Don't be fooled: They act all 'manly' and are just short of climbing a building to beat on their chests at times, but guys like to have surprises and treats just as much as girls do. Maybe buy him a nice box of chocolates and get him a rose this year.

He has hobbies: Now I know not every guy is going to love the same things, but if you take a wonder through Eason's or online you will find a book that he could enjoy. And who doesn't love getting books with a nice little message written on the inside? The Top Gear Years is all about Top Gear and cars, a great read if you ask me. Then theres the classic football book, but what if you can't remember his favourite team? Why not be a bit cheeky and get him a football colouring book ? (If I wasn't currently cutting up my credit card into pieces like in 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' I would have bought this for Stephen.)  Maybe games are his thing? have loads of really cool stuff to choose from, even safe bets like interactive t-shirts(!)

Always remember: Like I said in my last Valentines gifts post, This is only one day, don't have hang ups about not getting him the perfect film or burning the dinner. Be grateful if you get to spend the day together. Send him a nice text, or buy him a fancy card to write something sweet inside. Its always the thought that counts the most.

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