Friday 1 February 2013

Friday Favourites #5

How is everyone today? Hope you had a quiet and peaceful week? I know I didn't! Ever get one of those crazy non-stop weeks? Umhumm, that was me! I am going to make some serious plans of action over the weekend and get all my Valentines Day posts up for you next week. Until then, here is some of the things I have been loving the past few days.

 Thing: Night Time Relaxing
I have had a stressful and go-go-go! week, so bed time is my wind down and relax time. A nice cup of tea, a hot water bottle and a book or magazine is just what the doctor ordered. I got my copy of the March Cosmo (British edition) which I have yet to even open. However I practically absorbed Kill Marsell's 'Take a chance on me'. I will (fingers crossed) have a review for you guys soon.

Site: Instagram
Now let me be totally honest, I was not a fan of the whole 'expand your blog' business with twitter (-which I am still afraid of) and the likes. But oh how could I have left it so long to make an Instagram account? I use it everyday and tend to put up a photo or two, just to show everyone whats popped into my life without having to blog or Facebook about it. Apart from that its amazing to share and see some true works of art (and a lot of glitter!) I would recommend making an account and becoming part of the community - its amazing. And of course you can follow me at or just have a nose at my pictures.

Product: Collection (2000) Fix Me Up
I had been eyeing this 'long lasting make-up fixer' since the start of January wondering if it was worth almost €10 for a small bottle that had some very mixed reviews. But Boots are having a sale 3 for 2 at the moment and I had to have it as it was just over €6. I am glad I did because I am now in love with it. I will do a proper review once I have used it a little more and see if its just the honey moon phase I'm in with this product.

Music: Sandi Thom Wish I Was A Punk Rocker
All the way back in 2006 this song was released and this week for some unknown reason it popped into my head and has been there since! A nice bit of nostalgia for you all if you want to listen to it here . I clap along completely off beat to this day still, but wow its such a good song!

Product: Boots Camomile And Lemon Balm
For under €3 each I could not say no to the lovely summery smelling shampoo and conditioner as I badly needed one. - I had washed my hair with body wash that morning. Not sure if I should be ashamed or not? Its cheap and cheerful, not to mention smelling really lovely in the bottle and lasting all day in your hair. It also makes my hair soft and the condition is fine but not as good as something like my herbal essence hair mask. I will pick up the shampoo again, just to catch the smell of my summery hair!

Thing: A Notebook And Pen
I would have been a headless chicken this week if I didn't keep handy my trusty notebook and a pen. Meetings, shopping list, errands, recipes, blog posts... The list goes on. All I had to do was scribble things down as they came to me or if I needed to remember something, a quick root through my bag and chaos subsides. Yes, a permanent addition to any handbag. 

So my lovely guys and girls thats what has been occupying my week, keeping me happy. I also can not believe it is now the 1st of February! Finally some hints of Spring and perhaps if were lucky even Summer? Who knows! As always have a fab weekend and I will see you soon!  

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