Friday 15 February 2013

Friday Favourites #7

Its the day after Valentines day, did everyone love it or hate it? Either way its over for another year so we can all breathe a bit easier. And whats better is that theres half price chocolate and candles in shops today! I'll be getting myself a nice candle holder or two that I've had my eye on! This week I have been really loving these things:

YouTube: Grav3yardgirl
Bunny is one of a few youtubers that I have followed from the very beginning. She vlogs about fashion, beauty, ghostly happenings and her daily life. I like to save a few of her vidoes up and then sit in bed at night with some tea and watch them all! She is funny, slightly mad and a lovely down to earth girl. Go fall in love with her here.

Magazine: Cosmopolitan
I'm not one to fork out anything up to a fiver for a few glossy pages of ads but March's Cosmopolitan (British edition) was one that would make me consider taking a second look at the magazine racks. Its packed with S/S fashion styles, a mind blowing 3 page article on International Women's Day thats extremely interesting and some beauty must-haves that I never knew about. I love the overall spread and its not something you'll finish in 20 minutes on your way home from work. Its still in shops for €3 if you want to grab your copy.

Site: PostSecret
I have been a lover and devote follower of PostSecret for a very long time. Every Sunday the site gets updated with new postcards that people from all over the world make and send to Frank, the creator of the site. Then they are posted for the week, displaying the deep hidden thoughts and secrets of everyone who chooses to share them. Its a wonderful community to be a part of, take a look over here.

Perfume: Eau De Soap And Glory 
I have tried this out lots in Boots every time I pass by and yesterday Stephen gave it to me for Valentines Day. Mmm I love it, it smells strong and girly with notes of magnolia, freesia and vanilla to name a few. Its in a cute bottle that is something I'm going to love having on display. I'm a fan of Soap and Glory so this is a perfect edition to my growing collection and my perfumes. Give it a go, it really grows on you. You can find it over here

Drink: Papaya Milk
It looks like I have a favourite drink every week of the year, but honestly I don't! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I went to the Asia Food Market on Drury Street in Dublin to pick up some of Stephens favourite chocolate biscuits (things we do for Valentines day!) I had to pick up a lovely can of papaya milk. Its creamy and fruity and just nom nom nom. Its 99 cent and worth every penny. I wish Tesco did it so I could have it more often!

Shorter then my normal Friday Favourites, but these are what I have been loving and occupying my week. I will have a lot of product reviews next week for you all, seems I have been stocking up on new products that I haven't tried before over the past month or so to tell everyone about. So until tomorrow, hope you all have a fab Friday and enjoy the weekend!

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